Experience Meriwether County Georgia’s rich history

Art In Motion: Vintage Motorcycles and More features vintage motorcycles and advertising, beautiful jukeboxes, unique slot machines, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and other historical Items.  Among the forty plus cycles is the well-known collection of Art Sigal. Open most Fridays-Sundays, $5 admission. 78 Lil Sturgis Street Warm Springs.  http://www.prestonopportunities.com/Art%20in%20Motion/museum.html

Follow the Leaders Wax Museum:    Explorers, entertainers, 10 of our U.S. presidents, Mark Twain and many other historical figures now reside in Warm Springs, Georgia!  Take a journey through history viewing this collection of rare wax figures depicting famous persons from history.  Each created by world-famous wax artist, Katherine Stubergh; including the museum’s most controversial wax figure of all, Albert Einstein. Located at 5645 Spring Street, (Hwy 27) in Warm Springs. Tours by appointment, call 706-663-0369 or 770-502-0028.  http://www.exploregeorgia.org/listing/10616-follow-the-leaders-wax-museum

Greenville’s Historic Homes Tour: Highlighting 26 sites of various architectural styles, as far back as the 1830’s. From plantation homes to the legendary Meriwether jail this self-guided tour is a perfect day trip. Pick up a free driving guide from the Historical Society’s headquarters building in downtown Greenville at 102 N. Court Square.
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Manchester Mill: Originally built in 1908 by Mr. Callaway as a textile Mill and known for its twin smoke stacks this recently burned structure is sporadically being renovated for continued use. It is neighbor to Tha Deli, a local favorite and is home to an art studio, owned and operated by award winning painter, Barbara Smenner. Located on 10 Callaway Street 31816

Route 66 Museum:  Travel through the famous Route 66 with our museum dedicated to memorabilia of days gone by.  Building 66 offers a unique collection of racing bikes and a mini-size Little Daytona room.  A rendition of the famous Easy Rider bike and a few interesting racing bikes are on display as well.  788 Lil Sutrgis Street, Warm Springs

Roosevelt Warm Springs: Founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1927, this comprehensive rehabilitation center is dedicated to service, technological advancement, program diversity, research opportunities, continuing education and future development on behalf of persons with disabilities, Roosevelt Warm Springs remains a national treasure and Georgia “point-of-pride.” Guided tours are offered every weekday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. For more information or reservations please call 706-655-5670.

The Red Oak Covered Bridge: An 1840’s covered bridge, built by freed slave and noted bridge builder, Horace King, attracts hundreds of visitors every year.  At 391 feet, including the approaches, this structure is the oldest and longest wood covered bridge in Georgia. It is located 4 miles north of Woodbury, Ga on Covered Bridge Road (GPS coordinates:  33.038403-84.551143  (“The Kissing Bridge”)

The Little White House: Franklin Delano Roosevelt built The Little White House in 1932 while Governor of New York, prior to being inaugurated as President in 1933.  The Little White House features many exhibits including FDR’s 1938 Ford convertible with hand controls and the famous “Unfinished Portrait”.  Located at 401 Little White House Road, Warm Springs, GA For more information, call 706-655-5870 or visit their web site at http://gastateparks.org/LittleWhiteHouse

Veteran’s Park – Manchester:  This monument constructed from original boiler room doors from the Callaway Mill is an original work of art. It contains a time capsule to be opened in 2059 and its walls are engraved with the names of Meriwether County Veterans. Located on Callaway Street in front of the Manchester Mill and accompanied by our Eternal Flame and military flags.

The Trammell House: Experience a bit of history at the 1840’s Inn, located at 10 Park Street, in Luthersville.  This historic dwelling is the former home of Civil War Captain John William Trammell.  The Inn will be available for rental on a minimum two night stay beginning June 1st.  There are three full bedrooms and a main great room, with an additional bedroom and master bath.  The Inn has original chimneys, wide board flooring and hand planed boarding.  Captain Trammell’s tomb and burial spot, at the Luthersville cemetery, is within walking distance.  For more information or reservations, email lmenliatrammell@yahoo.com